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Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a charge to attend Family & Community Night? 
No, there is no cost to attend. All costs have been generously covered by the Northville Educational Foundation, donations, and our amazing corporate sponsors

Is it possible to visit the event during the day? 
Unfortunately due to safety and limited space, the daytime activities are limited to our 4th graders, their teachers, and our volunteers and partners.

Where in the High School will the event take place? 
The event will take place in the gymnasium and hallways.

Where can I park if the parking lot is full? 
Additional parking can be found on the south side of Six Mile Road, just a short walk to the High School.

How can my student participate on one of the teams creating a project? 
The Office of Instruction is seeking project proposals from teachers across the district. If your student has an interest, have them speak to one of their teachers. Or click here to sign up to be an exhibitor.

How can I or my company support the event? 
It’s easy! We are now seeking corporate sponsors at three different levels to help support the student activities. Contact NEF at 248.344.3503.

How can I volunteer for the event? 
We will need several volunteers throughout the evening. If you are interested, please contact the NPS Office of Instruction at 248.344.3520.

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